Nefertiti Bars

Uzuri Skin & Hair Collection

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This soap bar is made with natural ingredients along with natural oils to help add moisture back to skin and hair  while cleansing  

All soap bars can be used on body and hair. Perfect for dry skin and clarifying hair.

Benefits For Skin:

Cinnamon has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help kill bacteria and help keep skin deeply cleansed. It helps heal acne and helps support blood flow. It adds moisture to the skin, helps treat eczema, and enhances the complexion. Vanilla is rich in antioxidants helping prevent and reverse skin damage that may be caused by free radicals giving it many anti-aging benefits. It also helps fight acne and soothe burns. Turbinado Sugar is an excellent exfoliant for the skin helping rid of dead skin cells without damage. 

Grapefruit is high in vitamins A and C offering the skin many benefits. Rich in minerals, antioxidants, and high in water content. It stimulates the production of skin collagen which makes skin more smooth, plump, and increases elasticity. 

Honey is an antibacterial and anti-septic helping get rid of dirt and bacteria, thus helping get rid of acne by naturally opening pores making them easier to unplug. It is full of antioxidants and helps boost collagen production. Collagen helps give skin a natural glow. Honey helps naturally soothe, heal, and nourish the skin also helping fade scars and hyperpigmentation. The enzymes in honey help it to be a gentle exfoliator. 

Oatmeal has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help treat dry skin. It helps remove dead skin and contains saponins that are natural cleansers that help remove oil and dirt.

Benefits For Hair:

Cinnamon promotes hair growth and helps to keep scalp and follicles healthy. Cinnamon also has antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that help fight fungus and bacteria that can affect the scalp. Vanilla is packed with the B-complex vitamins and iron helping the hair follicles. Turbinado Sugar helps stimulate hair follicles, removes product buildup, rebalance pH levels, and detoxifying scalp promoting healthier hair.

 Grapefruit strengthens the connective tissues within the hair follicles promoting hair growth. 

Honey is an emollient which helps seal moisture in the hair, keeping it conditioned and shiny. It helps promote hair growth due to its antioxidant properties that help prevent damage, keeping scalp and hair healthy. Honey is also a humectant and contains many proteins, minerals, and vitamins that the hair follicles. 

Oatmeal is high in iron, zinc, omega-3, fatty acids, and polyunsaturated fatty acids that help stimulate hair growth, soothe itchy and dry scalp. It is a natural moisturizer that helps with dandruff.